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Admission Criteria

If you wish to move to Residential / Domiciliary care, we will ensure that you are involved in the assessment process. We always welcome discussions on the suitability of your placement, either by telephone or a visit.

Before you move in, a form called a ‘referral form’ will be completed by your social worker or representative and this will be given to the Manager of the service. The referral will then be looked at and arrangements made for a member of staff to assess your support needs. We will make sure that you, your family and other important people in your life, are involved with your needs assessment.

During the assessment process, we will talk about whether or not we can meet your needs and discuss how you would enjoy living in the area and local community. The Manager will then tell you and your Social Worker if he thinks the selected home and React Support Services Ltd are right for you. If everyone agrees that they are, dates will be arranged for further visits and meetings to plan and review the move to your new home.

The plan for moving to Residential / Domiciliary care will be discussed, reviewed and agreed with you and it may include an initial visit, half-day visit, overnight stay and a weekend visit, which will allow you to get to know the house, the staff team and the other people. You can change your mind about moving to React Support Services or the home selected at any time and should tell someone if you are having doubts.

These homes offer Service Users a high level of support, twenty-four hours a day, from skilled and experienced staff. Staff identify Service Users’ personal likes, dislikes, strengths, needs, goals and aspirations and support them to achieve their aims and develop these areas to include the utilisation of other facilities and agencies where appropriate.