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Frequently asked Questions

Why is the 4 Stage Pathway important?

Recovery is an evidence based approach in mental health services. Individual service users, commissioners and clinicians all want to access services that are committed to promoting recovery and moving people through services as efficiently as possible to maximise the quality of the lives of individuals but also to reduce the cost placed on what are the finite resources of NHS Services and Local Authorities.

We actively work with individuals and clinical teams in order to move people through our service options to maximise independence.

Moving people to situations of increased independence within the same service takes away the need for local services to source different placements, seek assessments, to manage individuals through transitions to different staff teams and organisations. Those transitions can be difficult for individuals and a new organisation will need to familiarise themselves with someone, re-establish the relational security before they can start to move them forward again.

The knowledge that React has of that individual will move through the organisation with the individual not only making transitions seamless but allows us to respond to episodes of crisis in an informed manner stabilising and maintaining placements as people move toward independent accommodation, thereby reducing the overall period of time spent in services.

Why should I refer to React Support Services?

One of our Clinical Nurse Specialists will talk to you about the person you are thinking of referring. It is at that initial point of contact that we will start to work with you to understand exactly what you, as the referrer and/ or commissioner consider to be the outcomes that you require a community placement to achieve. 

At the point of referral we will be considering the least restrictive Stage in the Model for your individual to be placed in. We will talk to you about the options and work closely with you to develop a high quality and cost effective package of care.

We will discuss how we consider that our service can be part of the whole systems, multi-agency approach to recovery and rehabilitation that people with complex needs require. We will talk to you about the time scales that you consider as appropriate, to achieve set goals and discuss in depth the risk management, risk reduction interventions and strategies that you consider necessary in regard to your individual. 

The Clinical Nurse Specialists are available for you to talk to regarding the services provided relating to your individuals. They are available to support the staff working with your individuals to ensure that they are managed safely and effectively. That support means that our staff teams are skilled and confident in managing people in accordance with the care plans agreed with yourselves on a day to day basis and also in knowing when to contact you to inform

What is unique about the services that you provide under your domiciliary care agency?

These services provide the individual, referrers and commissioners a highly flexible, high quality, highly individualised service. It is a service that allows for the delivery of services in a way that can effectively manage complex risk and clinical need and balance cost according to individual need. It is a service that allows a range of support from a 24 hour staff setting to tailored 1-1 support, which  enables us to agree a managed withdrawal of supervision and 1-1 support that reduces staff cost to the referring authority and promotes independence for the individual. 

This is achieved with the safety net of on-site staff or, where people are considered appropriate for Stage 4, with the security of access to on call staff and a crisis response from staff who understand the clinical need. The approach to care and risk management planning, to partnership working remains consistent across the service.

Stage 3 and 4 allow individuals to manage a tenancy arrangement and therefore the opportunity to manage tenancy agreements and utility bills for example. 

Stages 3 and 4 allow us and local teams to further assess people’s capacity for increased self-management before a move out of services and into independent accommodation.

We can successfully take people with complex needs and significant risk history directly from secure services into the services provided under the Domiciliary Care Agency where this is considered to b

What happens if we are not satisfied with the service delivery?

React Support Services is committed to meeting the needs of individuals placed with us. We will work with you to resolve any concerns quickly. We are responsive and focussed on the quality of service delivered to people placed with us. 


How will you communicate and work in partnership with referrers, local area clinical teams and commissioners?

How will you communicate and work in partnership with referrers, local area clinical teams and commissioners?The process of joint working will start at the first point of contact with one of our Clinical Nurse Specialists. React as an organisation is committed to delivering the service that you are purchasing and consider necessary to achieve the identified outcomes for your individual.

All incidents, complaints and key clinical and organisational information will be communicated to you by the Registered Managers within the time scales specified in our contractual agreements and jointly agreed care plans.

What is different about React Support Services?

React Support Services has a unique 4 stage recovery model which provides is a seamless pathway for the individuals to progress safely towards independent living. Services are provided in excellent quality accommodation ranging from shared residential home through to our unique residential registered apartments and then finally our tenancy model apartments which are either staffed on a 24hrs basis or tailored support as required.

All of the above unique services are underpinned by our clinical nurse specialists who have a great deal of experience in forensic mental health and personality disorder, as well as general mental health.

What if the person I am referring doesn’t seem to fit in exactly with your model of service?

Call and speak to one of our Clinical Nurse Specialists. Organisationally we have a culture of therapeutic optimism and an approach whereby we consider how we can develop our service to meet people’s needs. We recognise that recovery is about an individualised approach and we are experienced at flexibly meeting people’s needs. We have developed bespoke packages of care for individuals who have been difficult to place as a consequence of their particular needs.