Free Health & Wellbeing Sessions

The mind and body work in harmony, therefore a healthy body makes a healthy mind. People with a mental illness can often find themselves in a cycle of feeling tired and depressed giving them no motivation to do any exercise, resulting in them feeling despondent and anxious that they are unable to do anything.

To some people, just the word exercise can put them off as they may have never done it before and fear the unknown, cost or the thought of people laughing at them, which can be very discouraging and so we wanted to eliminate all those concerns by offering all our individuals free personal training sessions every week to help give them a kick start.

U Fitness - health & wellbeing sessions

We’ve joined partnership with Obstafit who use the local facilities in Cardiff – UFit to carry out the sessions and each week we get a great turnout from both Individuals and staff members from the homes and head office. We wanted to make exercise enjoyable so doing it in a group environment helps everyone to motivate each other and laugh whilst doing it and provide social interaction for the Individuals in the community.

One of our Individuals commented on what she thought of the activities, “I’ve been doing the sessions for a couple of months. I like the gym and the instructor is really nice. He’ll adapt the session and what you do, for each person, and each week it’s different exercises so it doesn’t get boring. It’s nice to meet people from the office and from other houses.”

Keeping active can reduce depression and anxiety, make people feel good about themselves, sleep better and have more concentration. Even a small change like taking the stairs instead of the lift can boost morale and give them a sense of achievement which is what we are aiming for in React Support Services.