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Stage 4

Self Contained Apartments which are staffed according to the individual needs of each resident. 

These services are not staffed on a 24 hour basis. Services are again provided under a Domiciliary Care Agency Registration.

We design care plans that gradually withdraw services. This offers the opportunity to carefully assess the point at which the individual may be at a stage where entirely independent living may be appropriate. 

Our service allows for the management of and is responsive to the changing needs of the people placed with us.

We recognise that recovery is a process that can feature episodes of relapse and that working with individuals to manage those episodes in the community can be valuable in developing an individual’s sense of control over their lives and informative in terms of what is effective in terms of service provision at points of crisis.

The staff team is adequately skilled and supported to respond to changing needs and are available 24 hours per day.

Individuals are able where required to move between Stages as their needs require. An individual in Stage 4 for example could move to Stage 1 or 2 should that be considered necessary should their presentation fluctuate.

Where individuals move between Stages we are able to maintain relational security for them as staff can work across the services in order to facilitate this.