Case Studies: Andrew

Andrew is a 37 year old male and has been known to psychiatric services for many years, having had admissions to hospitals and secure units. Andrew has made considerable progress over the years and has worked with his forensic psychologist in order to develop an understanding of his difficulties and treatment options to help him work towards his goal of living independently in the community. Andrew’s transition to Cadoc House was started at the end of 2011 when he was having day leave from hospital on a weekly basis.

In January 2012 this was increased to overnight stays whereby he spent three days and two nights at the house. Staff supported Andrew in all aspects of daily living and he made further progress whilst at the house. In June, his leave was increased to three nights per week and in December he was then fully admitted. Staff appreciated the need for Andrew to structure his days and supported him to devise a daily planner, focusing on maintaining and enhancing a variety of daily living skills such as self-care, cooking, laundry, cleaning and social activities. Andrew’s progress in his recovery is evident and he has adapted well to a shared community house. He regularly cooks for fellow Service Users and participates in the cleaning of the house.

He has taken out his own membership at the gym, which he regularly attends and also has taken up Judo. Andrew has expressed an interest in voluntary work and staff will support him in this area. House meetings are held on a regular basis, whereby Service Users determine how they would like the house to be run and Andrew is a regular participant. Due to the progress that Andrew continues to make, he, his staff team, his community psychiatric nurse and his Social Worker all agree that he is ready to move to the next stage of his recovery and he will be moving to one of our supported living apartments, next door to the shared house.

Case Studies