Case Studies: Charlotte

Charlotte is 45 and moved to Cadoc House in December 2012. She has a long history of detention within secure services.
Charlotte has successfully ‘stepped down’ from a low secure hospital to one of our registered flats, supported by the staff team in the neighbouring residential home.
Charlotte recently became unwell during the weekend and it was deemed appropriate by the Responsible Clinician to recall her to hospital.
However she did not wish to go back to hospital but it was evident to all concerned, that as her mental state had deteriorated, she was in need of additional observation and support to that which she usually receives in her flat.

We were able to identify an acceptable solution to prevent readmission to hospital and as a result, were able to safeguard the progress Charlotte had made so far.

We advised Charlotte to spend a short stay at our residential home, next door to her flat, which she was reassured by as the varying levels of support available to her, were crucial at this time.
This worked extremely well and we were able to avoid the potential crisis. Charlotte returned to her flat and continues to make progress.
Having the flexibility to provide additional support and observation in a range of settings has proven to be conducive to the well-being of Service Users, charged to our care.

Case Studies