Case Studies: Paul

Paul moved from Whitchurch Hospital into Cadoc House. He has a long history of mental health issues within secure services. Paul has now successfully ‘stepped down’ from our residential home, which is staffed 24 hours a day, to one of our registered flats which are next door, whilst still being supported by the original staff team in the residential home.
Paul has made sufficient progress to warrant tailored support but does become distressed and agitated if he receives correspondence of any description that he cannot deal with effectively, e.g. hospital appointments, solicitor’s letters.

In these instances he is able to walk next door to the residential home and is able to be provided with additional support, which alleviates his anxieties immediately.

In addition, should Paul’s mental state deteriorate to a level where he requires more support and observation, we are able to offer 24 hour support at the residential home until he is able to return to his flat and continue on his pathway of recovery.
This innovative, pro-active, flexible approach enables us to avoid potential crises with Service Users and has proven to be conducive to their well-being.
Whilst Paul generally prefers his own company there are times when he welcomes the company of others and is then able, where appropriate, to participate in activities in the main house, such as joining the other Service Users for an evening meal or Sunday lunch.

Case Studies